Kalamazoo Institute of Arts

The painting class features the opportunity to work in three distinctly different mediums-Oil painting, Acrylic painting and Egg Tempera painting. The Kalamazoo Institute of Art has developed some supplemental materials that will help the beginning painter minimize the initial outlay of money. Painting supplies can be very costly and this class offers materials which can help avoid huge outlays at the beginning of study. As the student begins to develop, they can choose the specific materials that will help achieve the goals that they seek. Click below to view the class supply lists if you are currently enrolled.


Atelier Program

For nearly 30 years, I have trained some of the finest artists in this region through an Atelier Program in my studio. I have had over 30 students over the years participating in an apprenticeship program which has encompassed proven competence in drawing media as well as painting media. These students have gone on to build solid careers with their own teaching, gallery representation, public and private commissions as well as numerous sales. The students have spent a minimum of three years of instruction as well as personal study projects. This program has been designed for serious students that have taken previous classes and need a more comprehensive program.

If you think that this program might help launch your career, please use the contact me feature on this site to get more specific information about the program. You will be required to write a short explanation about your intentions in art and also share your portfolio for evaluation with actual pieces or digital images. A booklet that describes the program in detail is available for those that have a strong interest.

At the present time, I am near capacity with places in the program and a waiting list is available.